Comparing two season finales.

  • 9x24: "I want you Jackson. I want you. I know I've been unfair to you. But when the bus exploded, and I thought you were gone! I-"
  • "April you're getting married."
  • "Unless you can give me a reason not to."
  • 10x24: "....I love you."
  • That's all she had to say to prove her love for Jackson. Cut Jackson's words, hugged him tight, kissed him so lovingly, see how lucky their child is because she has them.
  • It was a beautiful closure. Very amazing.

Anonymous asked:

were you happy with the finale?

apskepner answered:

Sobbed like a baby! It was very well done IMO. The Shonda scandal-like twist was very unexpected… I’m kind of on the fence about it though. I’m mad because it’s WAY to soon for a new sister for Mer… but I have hopes it may just be a Webber storyline for the most part? At the end of the day everyone is related to Mer, and it’s kind of getting hilarious at this point. I have hopes that Jackson might still be related in a shocking twist at the end of it all or something (IDK i’ve read stuff that initially Jackson was supposed to be the Ellis/Webber love child) haha! As for Japril - VERY happy. I can’t believe how far we’ve come :D

I also just assumed you meant Grey’s. Sorry if you were referring to another finale.