Mark and Lexie are probably all proud right now.


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So April and Jackson are married now.

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Excuse me while I die.


Excuse me while I die.

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underrated relationships  callie torres + richard webber 

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'Grey's Anatomy' Postmortem: Sarah Drew Breaks Down April's Choice


jkfdjsfkdasjfkdsja. shit’s gonna get cray.

just some highlights: 

- Jackson standing up and then sitting down and then standing up again and April choosing to run out the door with him was both of them saying, “I do,” to each other. There is no half way. That’s why the decision was made for them to immediately get married. I thought it was right for the journey of these characters. It’s a bit insane but April and Jackson know each other so well. As the story develops, we will see things come out that they didn’t know about each other — things they didn’t think about — so they’re going to have to pick up some pieces and do some significant navigating through these choppy waters of a crazy fast marriage.

- The hardest thing for April and Jackson in all of this is that all they want to do is enjoy the fact that they finally realized that they are meant to be together. You want them to be able to embrace that and be in a honeymoon stage and have fun, but the fact of the matter is because of the timing they have left so much disaster in their wake that they have to work really hard to mend that. That’s a lot of energy when you’re trying to enjoy one another. There’s guilt mixed into all of it because you hurt people but was it the right choice? Yes. But because of the way that they did it, it ends up becoming drama central.

- The scenes are really intense but it’s great and it shows April and Jackson are really on each other’s team in a way that’s pretty phenomenal.

- Things start to pop out that they realize they haven’t really talked about. There are really big questions that start to arise.

- …but other people like Arizona (Jessica Capshaw), Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) are all behind April and Jackson when that is revealed. I think they are surprised and a little shocked by it but they do get behind it. They’ve seen the two of them, they know.